Thermo Scientific™

Peltier Accessory (Air-Cooled) for GENESYS™ 10S series, BioMate™ 3S and Evolution™ 60S spectrophotometers

Thermo Scientific™ Peltier Accessory (Air-Cooled) for GENESYS™ 10S series, BioMate™ 3S and Evolution™ 60S Spectrophotometers quickly specifies the temperature for the analysis and controls the rate of stirring with the external control module. Temperature control and sample stirring are important for many UV-Visible analysis methods. The air-cooled Peltier accessory delivers superior performance in an easy-to-use configuration. It provides reliable temperature control from 20° to 60°C.
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The Peltier control system provided high accuracy temperature control without the need to watch water levels, mix in anti-freeze or anti-bacterial, or plumb the accessory with hoses and clamps.
  • Control module features a large temperature display and graphical indication of the stirring speed
  • Module software allows you to change temperature or stirring speed quickly
  • Offers exceptional temperature stability and fast temperature transitions
  • Small temperature differential between set temperature of the accessory and temperature as measured inside a standard, 1cm cuvette
  • Less expensive than most recirculating liquid temperature controllers
  • No maintenance design

Recommended for:

Life science laboratory