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CETAC™ U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Using an ultrasonic nebulizer in conjunction with an optical ICP system is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sensitivity and lower detection limits. While conventional pneumatic nebulizers are generally only 2 to 3% efficient under normal operating conditions, the Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulize converts more of the liquid sample into a usable aerosol, with an efficiency of 10 to 15%. The result: enhanced detection limits (up to 10x or greater) for ICP-AES and ICP-MS.
The CETAC U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer is compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7000 Series ICP-OES and Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS systems.
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Lower Detection Limits
  • Up to 10x improvement in analyte signal
  • For ICP-OES detection, limits fall below 1ppb for many elements
  • For ICP-MS, sub-ppt limits can be achieved
  • Even lower limits may be obtained under clean-room conditions

Reliable Unattended Operation

AutoTune Power Supply automatically senses changes in sample composition to ensure uniform and consistent aerosol generation, permitting continuous use of the nebulizer even in the absence of a sample—and reliable unattended operation.

Flexible Options

An optional membrane desolvator (CETAC MDX-200) can be added for further removal of sample solvent (aqueous or volatile organic).