Thermo Scientific™

iCAP™ 7400 ICP-OES Analyzer

Enabling regulatory compliance for a wide range of trace element applications, the compact and robust Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7400 ICP-OES delivers superb performance and productivity. With its broad analytical capabilities, this powerful instument is allowing full wavelength coverage while retaining high sensitivity. It requires minimal user set-up and maintenance, and has a low cost per sample. The iCAP 7400 ICP-OES is controlled with the integrated Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) software, which enables quick set-up and easy operation.

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Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) is an established and powerful technique for the analysis and quantitation of trace elements in both liquid and solid samples.

The rugged and reliable iCAP 7400 ICP-OES is a powerful elemental analyzer with a small footprint. Other features and benefits of this spectrometer include the following:

Sampling System:
  • Suitable for mid-range sample throughputs.
  • 4-channel, 12-roller, peristaltic pump, with a unique drain sensor, provides smooth, low noise signals and safe operation.
  • Autosampler accessories allow analyzing of 180-720 liquid samples unattended.
  • Instrument speed mode enables analysis of larger sample loads.
  • Intelligently grouped wavelengths enhance data acquisition speed and increase sample throughput.
  • Integrated hydride generation system accessory provides sub-ppb detection of hydride-forming elements.
  • Optional sample handling kits available for organic/volatile solvent-based, hydrofluoric acid, and high solids solutions.

  • Handles a wide range of applications in a broad range of industries.
  • Supports QA/QC and contract laboratory workflows.
  • Supports automated and intelligent sample preparation.

Optical System:
  • High-efficiency light transmission and excellent resolution, sensitivity and detection.
  • A selection of wavelengths between 166–847nm and optimal signal-to-noise measurement.
  • Dedicated radial or duo plasma view configurations to suit different sample types and elements of interest.
  • Improved long-term signal stability using a mass flow-controlled nebulizer gas flow.
  • Customizable to a range of challenging matrices and sample volumes, extending your laboratory's capabilities.

  • Integrated Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) software minimizes task times and maximizes protocol automation.
  • Integrated Element Finder plug-in automates method development, optimizing plasma parameters and selecting wavelengths best suited to the sample.