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Cold Storage

Choose from durable plastic cryoboxes with keyed lid orientation and printed via location grid. Plastic boxes are optimized to fit own brand (Nalgene™ or Nunc™) best. Or choose economical chipboard cryoboxes for short-term storage.
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  • Durable, all-plastic cryoboxes for short- or long-term storage
  • Keyed lids on plastic cryoboxes to prevent misalignment
  • Plastic boxes autoclavable for decontamination and usable at temperature range from -196°C to +121°C
  • Printed grid on plastic lids for easy inventory management
  • Economical chipboard cryoboxes for short term storage
  • Chipboard boxes with dividers and vents in base for good drainage and air circulation
  • Available with dividers from 25 to 169 tube storage
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