Thermo Scientific™

Evolution™ Fiber Optic Probes

Preserve sample integrity while minimizing sample carryover. Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Fiber Optic Probes let you bring the spectrophotometer to the sample. Choose the VERSA probe for measurements in larger containers or solutions that attack stainless steel. Choose the Micro-Probe for measurement of small volumes or in small containers. Both are designed for use in small containers such as PCR and centrifuge tubes commonly used in biological applications.

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Fiber Optic Micro Probe

  • Compact design allows for measurement using as little as 125µL of sample in a 500µL PCR tube
  • Exhibits excellent linearity for DNA, RNA and protein analysis up to 2 absorbance units
  • Capable of measuring DNA concentrations between 1 and 260ng/µL 
  • Available in 10mm pathlength with a working wavelength range of 230 to 1100nm and a temperature and pressure range of up to 150°C and 6 bar
  • If probe is washed and dried between samples less than 0.01% sample carryover is observed.

VERSA Fiber Optic Probe

  • The VERSA probe features a replaceable quartz sleeve that protects the stainless steel probe body from oxidizing samples.
  • Only the quartz sleeve and the aluminum mirror come into contact with your sample, so solvent systems that would attack the epoxy glue used to hold lenses into conventional steel body probes can be measured with the VERSA probe.
  • If your sample does attack the probe materials, or in the event that accident or abuse leads to breakage of the quartz sleeve or tip, simply slide off the old sleeve and replace it with a new one. Little cost, no fuss, and you are back at work!
  • With 600 micron diameter fibers, the VERSA probe brings a lot of light to the sample.  Measure solutions with absorbance up to 2A with confidence.  See the scan image in the gallery at the top of this page for an example showing good measurement up to 2.2A across the measurement range for two solutions of a dye mixture.  Measurements were taken with aThermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 220 UV-Visible spectrophotometer.