Contains Sodium azide

MagniSort™ Mouse CD49b Positive Selection Kit

Catalog number:  8802-6862-74

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Cell Isolation & Expansion

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The MagniSort™ Mouse CD49b Positive Selection Kit is designed for the magnetic separation of CD49b+ cells by positive selection. It has been optimized for the isolation of CD49b+ cells from mouse spleens or lymph nodes utilizing a biotinylated Anti-Mouse CD49b antibody and streptavidin-coated magnetic beads. CD49b+ cells are bound by antibody and then magnetic beads. When placed in a magnetic field, the undesired cells can be separated from CD49b+ cells by decanting.

After positive selection, the purity of selected cells can be verified by staining with Anti-Mouse CD49b (integrin alpha 2), clone DX5, and Anti-Mouse NK1.1, clone PK136. For mouse strains that do not express NK1.1 antigen such as BALB/c, SJL, AKR, CBA C3H, Anti-Mouse CD335 (NKp46), clone 29A1.4, may be used.

Reported Application
Magnetic Cell Separation

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: CD49b+
Target Species: Mouse