Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ 96-well Microdialysis Plate, 3.5K MWCO

Catalog number: 88262
Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ 96-well Microdialysis Plate, 3.5K MWCO

Catalog number: 88262
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Thermo Scientific Pierce 96-well 3.5K MWCO Microdialysis Plates are automation-compatible, microplate dialysis devices for rapidly processing 1 to 96 samples with volumes 10 to 100 µL. This kit comes with 12 cartridges of eight microdialysis devices in a 96 deep-well plate.

Features of Microdialysis Plates:

High yield—greater than 90% protein recovery after dialysis
Rapid—dialysis completed in 2 to 4 hours
Easy to use—sample loading and retrieval can be done with a standard pipette
Flexible—detachable 8-device strips, scalable from 1 to 96 samples
Automation-compatible—plate format conforms to the SBS Microplate Standard

Each sample processed with the Pierce 96-well Microdialysis Dialysis Plate is dialyzed inside a single, removable dialysis device created by two regenerated cellulose membranes separated by ∼2mm. The short diffusion distance and large surface area facilitates rapid dialysis with the removal of salts and small molecules often completed in 2 to 4 hours. Sample recovery is performed using standard laboratory micropipettes. Individual microdialysis devices can also be used with 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes for processing single samples. The available plate seals are made of high-quality polypropylene and help protect samples from contamination and evaporation, especially during long-term storage.

• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Removal of dyes after protein labeling
• Enzyme activity/binding assays
• Drug binding studies (also see Rapid Equilbrium Dialysis 'RED' Devices)

Each 96-well Microdialysis Plate comes pre-loaded with twelve 8-dialysis device strips. Each dialysis device strip can be removed from the plate and individual microdialysis devices easily separated, allowing only the number of needed devices to be used and eliminating waste. The sample chamber inside each microdialysis device is formed by two low-binding regenerated cellulose membranes that are rated to retain proteins and other macromolecules >10,000 Daltons while allowing removal of buffer salts and contaminants <1000 Daltons. Surface tension and the small distance between the membranes facilitate highly efficient sample recovery using standard laboratory pipettes.

Using the Microdialysis Plate, sample dialysis can be efficiently performed in a standard 96 deep-well plate with a minimal amount of buffer while still providing >95% removal of small molecules. The assembled device is compatible with standard 96-well laboratory equipment and automated liquid-handling systems making it an ideal option for high-throughput applications. Single microdialysis devices can be used independently in 2 mL microcentrifuge tube for processing single samples.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
3500 Da
Cellulose Membrane, Dialysis
96-well Plate
Capacity (Metric)
2 mL
Purification Target
Buffer Exchange, Protein
Sufficient For
96 Samples 10 to 100 µL Each
1 Plate Set

Contents & Storage

Upon receipt store at room temperature (RT). Product shipped at ambient temperature.