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Pierce™ Detergent Removal Spin Plates

Catalog number: 88304
Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ Detergent Removal Spin Plates

Catalog number: 88304
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Thermo Scientific Pierce Detergent Removal Resin efficiently binds to and removes high concentrations of detergents from 10 µL to 1 mL samples with minimal sample loss. These 96-well filter plates contain 0.55 mL of resin slurry per well.

Features of Detergent Removal Resin:

• Fast and efficient protocol
• Removes greater than 95% of detergents with high protein recovery
• Helps improves mass spectrometry peptide coverage
• Best for processing samples with proteins or peptides at greater than 100 µg/mL
(for low-concentration samples, consider our HiPPR Detergent Removal Products)

The Pierce Detergent Removal Resin specifically binds a wide variety of detergents and surfactants that are commonly used in protein extraction and biological sample preparation and provide an especially convenient and rapid format for treating protein and peptide solutions to remove interfering detergents before downstream analysis by mass spectrometry and other techniques.

Detergent removal from peptide samples is a challenge, especially for MS analysis in which even low detergent concentrations contaminate instruments and interfere with column binding, elution and ionization. Experiments demonstrate that Pierce Detergent Removal Resin effectively removes a variety of detergents from BSA and HeLa cell lysate tryptic digests, enabling improved LC-MS/MS and MALDI-MS analysis. After processing samples, the high baseline caused by detergents is reduced or eliminated. Analysis of the digested HeLa cell lysates by LC-MS/MS resulted in an approximate four-fold increase of identified peptides in the treated sample compared to the detergent-contaminated sample and equivalent numbers of peptides compared to a control sample, indicating minimal losses of peptides.

We recommend Pierce Detergent Removal Resin for samples having protein or peptide concentrations greater than 100 µg/mL. Use the HiPPR Detergent Removal Resin (where 'HiPPR' denotes High Protein and Peptide Recovery) for sample concentrations of 1 to 100 µg/mL.

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Column Type
Proprietary Resin, Affinity
Purification Target
Detergent Removal
2 Plates
Stationary Phase
Proprietary Ligand
Sufficient For
192 Samples of 25 to 100 μL each
96-well Filter Plate
Product Line
Product Type
Spin Plate

Contents & Storage

Upon receipt store at 4°C