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HiPPR™ Detergent Removal Spin Columns, 0.1 mL

Catalog number: 88306
Thermo Scientific™

HiPPR™ Detergent Removal Spin Columns, 0.1 mL

Catalog number: 88306
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24 columns
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8830624 columns
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Thermo Scientific HiPPR Detergent Removal Spin Column Kit is used to improve mass spectrometry results by efficiently removing detergents from 25 to 200 µL samples with low protein or peptide concentrations.

Features of HiPPR Detergent Removal Spin Column Kit:

Optimized—removes >95% of detergent from samples with low-concentrations (1 to 100 µg/mL) of proteins or peptides
Fast—sample processing takes less than 15 minutes
Effective—eliminates detergent-interference in downstream applications like ELISA, isoelectric focusing and mass spectrometry

Available Formats:
Resin Slurries—bulk resin supplied with empty 0.8 mL spin columns
Spin Columns—0.1 mL micro-centrifuge columns
96-well Spin Plates—pre-dispensed 96-well filter plates, compatible with centrifugation and vacuum manifold systems for manual or automated purification. The plates enable fast, consistent well-to-well and plate-to-plate reproducibility for small-scale, high-throughput separations.

Optimized for sample concentrations of 1 to 100 µg/mL,the HiPPR (High Protein and Peptide Recovery) Detergent Removal Resin removes >95% of detergents used in protein extraction and biological sample preparation with minimal loss of protein and peptide. The Detergent Removal Resin is ideal for removing commonly used detergents, including SDS, Triton™ X-100, NP-40 and CHAPS, at concentrations of 0.5-1% and is available in pre-filled spin columns and 96-well filter spin plates for sample volumes up to 100 µL. For other sample sizes, the detergent removal resin slurry is available with empty spin columns that can be used to make custom spin columns for processing sample volumes of 25 to 200 µL.

The detergents and surfactants used to prepare protein and peptide samples can interfere with analysis by ELISA, isoelectric focusing and mass spectrometry (MS). Removing detergents from peptide samples is especially challenging and critical for MS analysis because even low concentrations of detergents will contaminate instruments and interfere with column binding, elution and peptide ionization. The HiPPR Detergent Removal Resin is ideal for rapid detergent removal from tryptic digests to improve the results of LC-MS/MS and MALDI-MS analysis as to help maintain column and instrument performance over time.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type
Proprietary Resin, Affinity
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Detergent Removal
24 Columns
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Proprietary Ligand
Microcentrifuge, Spin Column
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