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Pierce™ Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads are affinity particles for immunoprecipitation of recombinant c-Myc-tagged proteins expressed in bacterial or mammalian cells or in vitro systems, using manual or robotic magnetic separators.

Features of Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads:

Specific—highly specific anti-c-Myc monoclonal antibody (clone 9E10) enables high yield and high purity immunoprecipitation
Convenient and fast—product instructions provide an easy-to-follow, optimized protocol for immunoprecipitation in approximately one hour
Low non-specific binding—stable, pre-blocked beads and specific antibody minimize off-target binding for c-Myc-tag IP or co-IP experiments
Versatile—beads are compatible with manual and automated workflows (e.g., Thermo Scientific KingFisher Instruments)

The blocked magnetic bead surface is coated with anti-c-Myc antibody, a highly specific mouse IgG1 monoclonal antibody (clone 9E10) that recognizes the c-Myc-epitope tag (EQKLISEEDL) derived from the human c-myc oncogene (p62 c-myc). The Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads can be used manually with a magnetic stand, as well as with automated platforms, such as the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Instruments, for high-throughput workflows.

Product Details:
Pierce Anti-c-Myc Magnetic Beads are convenient for the immunoprecipitation (IP) of recombinant c-Myc tagged proteins and the co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) of their interacting proteins. The beads are incubated with a cell lysate containing c-Myc tagged protein and the fusion protein is captured. The beads are subsequently washed and then the target proteins are eluted using 0.1M glycine (pH 2.0) 50 mM NaOH, or SDS-PAGE sample buffer, the protocol has been optimized for each of these conditions. Anti-c-Myc antibody can be used to detect c-Myc tagged protein by Western blot analysis.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Ligand Type: Antibody
Target Molecule: c-Myc
Product Line: Pierce™

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C.