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1-Step CHO High-Yield IVT Kit

Catalog number:  88893

Thermo Scientific™  Related applications: Protein Expression

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The Thermo Scientific™ 1-Step CHO High-Yield In Vitro Translation (IVT) Kit enables the expression of functional proteins with up to 750 times greater yield per mL of reaction than rabbit reticulocyte lysate-based mammalian IVT systems that only yield up to 10 μg protein/mL reaction.

• High expression—up to 750 µg/mL of expressed protein
• Reproducible results—low variability between experiments
• Fast—express high levels of protein with 6 hours to overnight incubation
• Easier storage—allows you to store lyophilized CHO cell lysate at -20°C
• Functional—obtain functionally active proteins, including those containing disulfide bonds
• Easy-to-use—three reaction components together carry out transcription and translation in one step
• Great for labeling—amenable to incorporation of labeled and unnatural amino acids
• Vector compatibility—uses existing pT7CFE1 vectors for protein expression

The 1-Step CHO High-Yield IVT System uses extracts containing the robust translation machinery of the pharmaceutical industry standard Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line to generate functional full-length proteins. In this system, protein expression is performed in a proprietary dialysis device that allows a continuous supply of nucleotides, amino acids, and energy-generating substrates into the reaction while removing inhibitors of proteins synthesis. This continuous-exchange cell-free (CECF) system enables protein expression in an overnight incubation of up to 750 µg/mL. The CHO IVT kit includes all of the components required for transcription and translation of a recombinant gene, including an optimized expression vector.

Lyophilized cell lysate, reaction mix, accessory proteins, 4X dialysis buffer, control DNA, cloning vector, dialysis devices, and centrifuge tubes.

30°C incubator or water bath (shaker incubator increases expression by 30 to 50%)

• Production of large amounts of recombinant protein for structural analysis
• Generation of active proteins for downstream applications such as protein interaction studies
• Rapid large scale expression and characterization of mutant proteins
• Production of viral particles
• Incorporation of unnatural amino acids
• Production of cytotoxic proteins
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Expression: Cell-Free
Product Size: 2 x 100 µL

Contents & storage

Lyophilized CHO lysate, 1 vial
Accessory proteins, 25 μL
Dialysis buffer (4X), 900 μL
Reaction mix, 40 μL
Positive control DNA (pCFE-GFP), 10 μg
pT7CFE1-NHis-GST-CHA, 10 μg
Microdialysis device, 2 each
Nuclease-free water, 50 mL

Store in ultra-cold freezer (-68 to -85°C).
Sufficient for 2 reactions of 100 μL each.


Manuals & protocols

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