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GlycoLink™ Coupling Catalyst

Catalog number:  88944

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Protein Labeling & Crosslinking

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The Thermo Scientific GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst decreases reaction times and increases aldehyde-hydrazide coupling efficiency, resulting in greater than 90% coupling of glycoproteins in 4 hours.

Features of the GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst:

Optimized—catalyzes aldehyde-hydrazide and aldehyde-alkoxyamine conjugation reaction
Efficient—maximizes coupling efficiency and decreases required coupling reaction incubation time
Gentle—does not interfere with protein function and is easily removed by desalting or dialysis

The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst is a two component kit composed of aniline and sodium acetate buffer. The catalyst accelerates the coupling rate of hydrazide and alkoxyamine moieties with reactive aldehydes that have been generated by periodate-oxidation of cis-diols in glycoproteins. The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst increases the coupling efficiency of these reactions, decreasing the molar excess amounts of labeling reagents that are required for conjugation reactions. The catalyst is also useful for increasing the binding efficiency of oxidized glycoproteins or other carbohydrate-containing molecules to hydrazide resins.

• Labeling aldehyde-containing molecules with alkoxyamine-biotins
• Labeling aldehyde-containing molecules with hydrazide-biotins
• Increase coupling efficiency of aldehyde-containing molecules to hydrazide resin

Producing reactive aldehydes via sodium meta-periodate oxidation of cis-diols in glycoproteins is a useful technique for variety of protein labeling and detection methods. The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst (aniline) increases the efficiency of these reactions by acting as a nucleophilic catalyst that accelerates bond formation through a Schiff base intermediate. The catalyst also reduces the amount (molar excess) of hydrazide or alkoxyamine required in labeling reactions, thereby eliminating the need for DMSO to solubilize high concentrations of labeling reagent.

More Product Data
Improved immobilization and conjugation of glycoproteins
WARNING: Cancer –
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: GlycoLink™

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C.