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HisPur™ Cobalt Resin

Catalog number:  89964

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific HisPur Cobalt Resin is a tetradentate chelating agarose resin charged with divalent cobalt (Co2+) for obtaining high-purity his-tagged proteins with no metal contamination.

Features of HisPur Cobalt Resin:

High purity—obtain more than 10 milligrams of pure His-tagged protein per milliliter of resin without optimizing imidazole washing conditions
Specificity—cobalt-chelate coordination core binds fewer host protein contaminants, resulting in lower background than nickel resins
Low metal leaching—no metal contamination in eluted histidine-tagged protein sample
Versatility—purify proteins under native or denaturing conditions; compatible with Thermo Scientific Pierce Cell Lysis Reagents and a variety of buffer additives
Cost effective—resin can be reused several times or discarded after single use
Flexibility—available as bulk resin, kits, predispensed columns, chromatography cartridges and 96-well filter plates

Compared to Ni-IDA and tetradentate Ni2+ chelate resins, HisPur Cobalt Resin binds histidine-tagged proteins with higher specificity (less off-target binding) and releases them with gentler conditions (lower concentrations of imidazole). Although Ni(2+) chelate resins achieve high protein yields, they bind somewhat indiscriminantly, resulting in suboptimal purity. Often, additional cleanup steps are required. By contrast, cobalt maximizes protein purity without sacrificing protein yield. HisPur Cobalt Resin binds fewer nonspecific proteins, displays less metal leaching and enables less stringent elution conditions than nickel resins.

HisPur Cobalt IMAC Resin specifically binds His-tagged recombinant protein that can be efficiently recovered by mild imidazole elution. Greater than 10 mg of His-tagged protein can be bound per milliliter of resin using a 28 kDa fusion protein expressed and purified from an E. coli lysate.

Various His-tagged proteins can be recovered in similar or higher purity compared to that obtained from other available nickel or cobalt IMAC resins using either a spin or gravity-flow column format. Purification performance of HisPur Cobalt Resin was benchmarked against IMAC resins from other suppliers using multiple His-tagged proteins of different sizes and expression levels. The results demonstrate that HisPur Cobalt Resin achieves maximal protein purity without sacrificing protein yield.

Available Formats:
Resin Slurries—crosslinked 6% beaded agarose; 10 mL, 100 mL, 500 mL bottles
Spin Columns—0.2 mL (microcentrifuge), 1 mL, and 3 mL columns
Purification Kits—complete kits in all three column sizes
Chromatography Cartridges—learn more and see HisPur Chromatography Cartridge data
96-well Spin Plates

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Description: HisPur Cobalt Resin
Quantity: 10mL
Column Type: Agarose Resin, Affinity
Purification Target: His-tagged Proteins
Product Line: HisPur™
Format: Bottle(s)
Stationary Phase: Metal Chelate, Divalent Cobalt

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C