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GeneChip™ E. coli Genome 2.0 Array

Catalog number:  900551

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The GeneChip™ E. coli Genome 2.0 Array contains probe sets to detect transcripts from the K12 strain of E. coli and three pathogenic strains of E. coli. Using the E. coli Genome 2.0 Array, researchers can gain a comprehensive view of three pathogenic forms of E. coli while continuing ongoing research projects with the K12 strain.

The GeneChip E. coli Genome 2.0 Array includes approximately 10,000 probe sets for all 20,366 genes present in four strains of E. coli. Due to the high degree of similarity between the E. coli strains, whenever possible, a single probe set is tiled to represent the equivalent ortholog in all four strains. The GeneChip E. coli Genome 2.0 Array tiles probe sets over the entire open reading frame (ORF) of E. coli, includes over 700 intergenic regions, probes for various antibiotic resistance markers, and incorporates additional control and reporter genes from the previous generation E. coli array.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array: Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Array Format: array cartridge
Number of Arrays: 6 arrays
Species: E. coli