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GeneChip™ Wheat Genome Array

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By providing comprehensive coverage of the wheat genome, the GeneChip™ Wheat Genome Array is an important tool for plant genetics. With applications in crop improvement and gene expression studies, the Wheat Genome Array can be used to study nutritional value, crop yield, and effects of environmental stresses on wheat.

• The array contains 61,127 probe sets representing 55,052 transcripts for all 42 chromosomes in the wheat genome
• Use the Power of the Probe Set and get multiple independent measurements for each transcript that deliver the greatest accuracy and reproducibility of any microarray platform
• GeneChip System: richer data, sharper insights, better decisions

Array Profile
The GeneChip Wheat Genome Array offers researchers the most comprehensive and informative content for wheat gene expression research. The design of the array was based on public content from GenBank™ and dbEST. Experts in wheat research provided high-quality sequence data, and the arrays were designed and manufactured with our standard protocols.

Sequence information for the GeneChip Wheat Genome Array includes public content from Triticum aestivum UniGene Build #38 (build date April 24, 2004). Also included are ESTs from the wheat species T. monococcum, T. turgidum, and Aegilops tauschii, and GenBank full-length mRNAs from all species through May 18, 2004.

T. aestivum, the hexaploid bread wheat, contains three genomes; A, B, and D. Triticum turgidum, the tetraploid macaroni wheat species, contains the ancestral A and B genomes, whereas the diploids T. monococcum and A. tauschii contain near relatives of the A and D genomes, respectively. Thus, available content for the modern bread wheat species' three ancestral genomes is included.

The Wheat Genome Array was created within the GeneChip Consortia Program.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array: Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Array Format: array cartridge
Number of Arrays: 2 Arrays
Species: Wheat