Thermo Scientific™

TMTzero™ Label Reagent, 5 x 0.8 mg

Catalog number: 90067
Thermo Scientific™

TMTzero™ Label Reagent, 5 x 0.8 mg

Catalog number: 90067
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5 x 0.8 mg
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The Thermo Scientific TMTzero Label Reagent serves as a 'light' tag for MS-level peptide quantitation similar to duplex isotopic metabolic labeling, such as SILAC, or isotopic dimethylation labeling.

Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) Reagents are chemical tags that enable identification and quantitation of proteins in different samples using tandem mass spectrometry. The amine-reactive, NHS-ester-activatedcompounds covalently attach to the peptide amino terminus and free amino termini of lysine residues of peptides and proteins with high efficiency, thereby labeling all peptides in a given sample regardless of enzyme used for digestion. Since TMT reagents share an identical structure and mass (i.e., isotopomers), labeled peptides co-elute during LC separation and are co-isolated during MS/MS analysis, resulting in fewer missing peptide identifications among samples. During MS/MS analysis, each isobaric tag is also fragmented to produce a unique reporter ion mass that is used for sample identification and quantitation. Protein quantitation is accomplished by comparing the relative intensities of the two reporter ions in the MS/MS spectra.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method
Mass Spectrometry
Final Product Type
For Use With (Equipment)
Mass Spectrometer
Label Type
Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT) Labels
Product Line
Starting Material
Cell Lysate
Workflow Step
Protein Labeling
Pierce TMTzero Label Reagent, 5 x 0.8mg

Contents & Storage

Store at -20°C.


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