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GeneChip™ Canine Genome 2.0 Array

Catalog number:  900727

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Canis familiaris is an important model organism for biomedical research of human disease conditions. The GeneChip™ Canine Genome 2.0 Array enables researchers to simultaneously interrogate 18,000 C. familiaris mRNA/EST-based transcripts and over 20,000 non-redundant predicted genes.

Sequence information for this array includes content from Canis familiaris UniGene Build #11 (April, 2005), GenBank™ mRNAs up to April 15, 2005, as well as the BROADD1 gene predictions from the boxer dog genome, downloaded from EBI on May 9, 2005. Purchasers of the array will have access to detailed sequence information via CD library files and through the online