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GeneChip™ Citrus Genome Array

Catalog number:  900731

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The GeneChip™ Citrus Genome Array is designed specifically to monitor gene expression in Citrus. This array was created in collaboration with leading Citrus researchers through the Affymetrix GeneChip™ Consortia Program. The array contains 30,171 probe sets representing up to 33,879 Citrus transcripts based on EST sequences obtained from several Citrus species and Citrus hybrids. Because Citrus has relatively long generations and times-to-production, it will be especially useful for researchers to identify the genetic mechanisms critical to:

•High crop yield
•Disease and insect resistance
•Growth response to environmental factors

The GeneChip™ Citrus Genome Array provides a tool that enables researchers to elucidate these complex genetic traits in Citrus to determine how crop production can be improved. The array includes 46 probe sets representing several Citrus pathogens, and 60 probe sets representing various reporters, selectable markers, and transgenes. Also included are sequences from Poncirus and Poncirus crosses with Citrus hybrids.

The GeneChip™ Citrus Genome Array was designed in close collaboration with the Citrus Research Community as part of the Affymetrix™ GeneChip Consortia Program.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array: Transcriptome Profiling
Array Format: array cartridge
Number of Arrays: 2 Arrays
Species: Citrus