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Immobilized Anti-TMT™ Antibody Resin

Catalog number: 90076
TPP Techno Plastic Products™

Immobilized Anti-TMT™ Antibody Resin

Catalog number: 90076
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Thermo Scientific Pierce Anti-TMT Antibody Resin enables selective enrichment of peptides in complex samples that have been labeled with Tandem Mass Tag™ Reagents.

Features of Pierce Anti-TMT Antibody Resin:

Specific—uses specific, high-affinity antibody for the TMT structure (Kd >100pM)
Compatible—effective for all varieties of TMT Reagents (amine-reactive or cysteine-reactive)
Versatile—use complete kit for sample enrichment to simplify analysis, or choose the standalone resin or standalone antibody to develop your own purification and detection strategies

Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT™) Reagents are used to multiplex-label and measure proteins in different samples using tandem mass spectrometry. Anti-TMT Resin is agarose-immobilized anti-TMT monoclonal antibody, which is effective to capture and affinity purify peptides or proteins that have been labeled using any TMT Reagent. The strategy is effective for simplifying otherwise complex samples before running the mass analysis, especially when the targets for labeling are rare (e.g., cysteine sulfhydryls). Enrichment of labeled peptides by this method results in fewer peptides identified per protein but can significantly increase the number of unique proteins identified, making it easier to detect and measure low-abundance proteins.

More Product Data
Specific labeling, enrichment and quantitation of S-nitrosylated peptides using iodoTMT reagents

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method
Mass Spectrometry
Label Type
Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT) Labels
Product Line
Starting Material
Cell Lysate
Workflow Step
Protein Labeling

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Upon receipt store all products at 4°C. Product shipped with an ice pack.


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