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Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array

Catalog number:  901615

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The Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array enables researchers to accurately characterize a broad range of mouse strains and their crosses and uncover genetic changes in mouse models of disease.

With more than 120 times the number of SNPs of competing products, and an average of 4.3 kilobases (kb) between SNPs, the Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array has greater density and distribution than any other publicly available mouse SNP array.

Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array offers:
• More than 120 times the genotyping power of competing products
   - Interrogate more than 623,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
• More than 100 times the linkage mapping power
   - Map to a resolution of 4.3 kb
• The only array with copy number probes
   - Explore more than 916,000 non-polymorphic regions targeted to functional elements and regions known to harbor segmental duplications
• High performance metrics for 12 classical inbred laboratory strains and their F1 crosses
   - 98.6% call rate
   - 99.9% reproducibility
   - 99.5% concordance
   - < 0.5% error rate
• The broadest coverage of laboratory mouse strains
   - Probes represent SNPs derived from 12 classical inbred strains and 7 wild-derived and wild strains
• The most flexible approach
   - One array for both classical inbred and wild-derived strains for any mouse genetics application
• The lowest cost per genotype
   - Just fractions of a penny per SNP

For more information on the design of the array, please see Yang H., et al. A customized and versatile high-density genotyping array for the mouse. Nature Methods 6(9):663-666 (2009).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array Format: array cartridge
Array Type: Genotyping
Number of Arrays: 30 arrays
Product Size: 30 arrays
Species: Mouse