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Axiom™ Genome-Wide EUR, 96 array plate

Catalog number:  901787

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Axiom™ Genome-Wide EUR 1 Array Plate is designed for European ancestry genome-wide imputation analysis with a focus in disease-associated genes. The arrays include additional markers that are specific to multiple HapMap populations. These arrays have the industry-s highest coverage of rare variants to replicate studies of specific loci and/or genes that have been identified in previous genome-wide association studies. The use of imputation enables a highly cost-effective, budget conscious alternative to other commercially available arrays.

We also offer the following Maximum Genome-Wide Coverage Arrays:

Axiom Genome-Wide ASI 1 Array Plate - The first array designed to maximize genomic coverage of rare alleles (MAF >1%) of a consensus East Asian (JPT+CHB) genome

Axiom Genome-Wide CHB 1 & CHB 2 Array Plate - The Genome-Wide CHB 1 Array Plate maximizes genomic coverage of common alleles (MAF >5%) of the Han Chinese genome. The Genome-Wide CHB 2 Array Plate is designed to target rare variants (MAF 2-5%) as a complement to Axiom Genome-Wide CHB 1 Array Plate. The Genome-Wide CHB 1 & CHB 2 Array Set Bundle enables the most comprehensive commercially available genome-wide coverage in CHB populations.

Axiom Genome-Wide PanAFR Array Plate Set - The first array to offer pan-African genomic coverage, with ˜90% genetic coverage of common and rare variants (MAF >2%) of the Yoruba (West African) genome and >85% coverage of common and rare variants (MAF >2%) of the Luhya and Maasi (East African) genomes. This array set also offers high genomic coverage (>85%) in admixed populations with West African ancestry.

Axiom Genome-Wide CEU 1 Array Plate Our first cost-effective array to maximize coverage of rare variants (MAF >1%) for European populations.

Axiom Genome-Wide EAS 1 Array Plate - East Asian ancestry

Axiom Genome-Wide AFR 1 Array Plate - Admixed population of West African and European ancestry

Axiom Genome-Wide LAT 1 Array Plate - Admixed population of Native American, European, and West African ancestry

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Benefits of Axiom Genome-Wide Population-Optimized Arrays:

Each array plate was designed to achieve ˜90% genomic coverage (r2 >0.8) in each target population, while covering markers with MAF of 1-5% in areas such as:
• Critical biological categories (e.g., coding SNPs)
• Biological processes (e.g., drug metabolizing genes)
• Disease categories (e.g., cardiovascular disease, cancer, immunity/inflammation, MHC, and CNS)
• Common and rare SNPs and insertions/deletions (indels) from the International HapMap Project, 1000 Genomes Project, and published disease associations
• Genotype-tested genomic content proven to give informative and reliable results
• Markers preselected for coverage in critical biological categories, such as coding SNPs, and biological pathways, such as drug metabolizing or cardiovascular genes
• High sample pass rate, call rate, and reproducibility
• Compatible with the Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit, GeneTitan™ MC Instrument, automated or manual workflow, and Genotyping Console™ Software
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array: Genotyping
Array Format: 96-array plate
Number of Arrays: 96 arrays
For Use With (Application): Microarray Analysis
Format: 96-Array Plate
Species: Human