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GeneChip™ Drosophila Gene 1.1 ST Array Plate

Catalog number: 902154
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Applied Biosystems™

GeneChip™ Drosophila Gene 1.1 ST Array Plate

Catalog number: 902154
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The GeneChip™ Drosophila Gene 1.1 ST Array Plate enables you to:
• Measure expression, across the entire gene, with higher resolution and accuracy than with classical 3'-biased microarray solutions
• Get accurate and reproducible data by using multiple independent measurements for each transcript
• Process up to 96 samples on a single array plate with the GeneTitan™ Instrument

Development of the Gene Expression Microarrays

Model and applied research organisms are valuable for comparative genomics research, evolutionary biology, and continue to play a critical role in deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying human disease, and agricultural crop improvement. Gene 1.1 ST Array Plates have been developed for the analysis of a wide range of model and applied research organisms. These organisms are the latest additions to the growing family of Gene Expression Microarrays offering whole-transcript coverage. The Gene 1.1 ST Array Plates were designed in collaboration with influential researchers, such as Alan Archibald, Head of the Division of Genetics and Genomics at the Roslin Institute (Porcine Gene 1.1 ST Array design), Leonard Zon, Director of Stem Cell Research Program, and Yi Zhou, Genomic Core Director of the Stem Cell Research Program at Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School in Boston (Zebrafish Gene 1.1 ST Array design).

Key benefits
Highest transcript coverage — get confident expression measurements of well-annotated content with up to 26 probes per transcript
Whole-transcriptome analysis — capture the transcript isoforms you may miss with 3'-biased expression designs
High data correlation — achieve high inter- and intra-array strip signal correlation (R >0.99)
Convenient format — process up to 96 samples at the same time with minimal manual array handling

Proven performance from the industry standard
Gene 1.1 ST Array Plates offer whole-transcriptome coverage for selected model and applied research organisms. All designs are based on the most recent genomic content and offer the highest probe coverage (up to 26 probes across the full length of the gene). This allows for accurate detection for whole-transcriptome microarray analysis and provides higher resolution and accuracy than other classical 3'-biased microarray solutions on the market. The whole-transcriptome analysis approach enables researchers to detect multiple transcript isoforms, including those that might be missed using a 3'-biased expression design, such as splice variants, non-polyadenylated transcripts, transcripts with alternative polyadenylation sites, and truncated transcripts.

Content profile
Gene 1.1 ST Array Plates provide the latest coverage of the transcribed genome. We use a comprehensive collection of information sources to design probes that interrogate up to 26 unique sequences of each transcript. Together these 26 unique 25-mer probes interrogate up to 650 bases per transcript. This high probe coverage across the entire transcript results in superior performance and data confidence as well as the ability to update your experimental data as the understanding of each genome and transcriptome grows.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Drosophila Gene 1.1 ST Array Plate
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