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GeneChip™ 3' IVT PLUS Reagent Kit

Catalog number:  902415

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The GeneChip™ 3' IVT PLUS Reagent Kit features:
• Low RNA input requirements – as little as 50 ng total RNA input for a single round of amplification to leave more samples for further studies
• Expression assay kit – GeneChip 3' IVT Express Kit (3' IVT Express Kit) for continuation of high-quality of data generation without compromising the legacy data
• Protocol optimization with no initial primer annealing or cDNA purification step for a streamLined workflow
• Single-day protocol with appropriate inputs of total RNA for rapid sample processing
• Magnetic bead purification for enhanced recovery to generate sufficient target
• Built-in controls to assist in effective trouble shooting
With enhanced performance, fewer required reagents, and a simple protocol, target preparation has never been so easy.

3' IVT PLUS Kit includes:
• All reagents needed to generate and label aRNA target
• Ready to use magnetic bead purification for enhanced recovery
• Poly-A RNA controls
• Hyb controls
• Tubes organizer for quick assay set up

About Poly-A controls
Poly-A controls (lys, phe, thr, and dap) monitor the target labeling process from start to finish. They serve as sensitivity indicators of target prep and labeling efficiency. This kit contains four exogenous, pre-mixed, poly-adenylated prokaryotic controls that are spiked directly into RNA samples before target labeling. Their resultant signal intensities on Applied Biosystems GeneChip Arrays serve as indicators of the labeling reaction efficiency.

About Hyb controls
The 20X Eukaryotic hybridization controls are comprised of a mixture of biotinylated and fragmented cRNA of bioB, bioC, bioD, and cre in staggered concentrations, ready to be added directly to the hybridization cocktail. These controls facilitate monitoring of the hybridization process for troubleshooting. Control Oligo B2 is included to provide alignment signals for image analysis.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Product Size: 10 reactions
Reagent Type: Sample preparation reagents