Thermo Scientific™

Color-Rich Dyed Carboxylate-Modified Particles

Obtain superior test sensitivity in qualitative and quantitative lateral flow tests with Thermo Scientific™ Color-Rich Dyed Carboxylate-Modified Particles. Higher intensity dyed particles provide maximum color and brilliance, as well as immunologically reactive surfaces. These particles are composed of polystyrene with or without a copolymer grated surface for fast coupling and processing reactions. Available in blue, red or black internally dyed versions, these hydrophilic particles can bind ligands without any dye interference, feature high protein binding capacity; and have an optimized acid content.
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These particles are internally dyed using the Thermo Scientific™ Color-Rich internal dyeing method or by utilizing the proprietary Firefli™ fluorescent dyeing process. Color-Rich dyeing methods provide exceptional color saturation, prevent dye leaching in aqueous media and leave the surface free for covalent coupling through a COOH group and optimal immunological reactivity.

  • Dye-free surface for coupling
  • High protein binding capacity
  • Hydrophilic—readily adsorbs and couples proteins
  • Optimizes assays by controlling sensitivity, specificity and stability
  • Optimized acid content
  • Easy one-step covalent coupling protocols
  • Ensures reproducibility
  • Binds ligands without dye interference
  • Offers the optimal size for most latex-based lateral flow tests: 0.4μm nominal diameter (DB1040CA through DBK1040CB)
  • Ensures uniform migration through membranes with a coefficient of variation (CV) in diameter of less than 5%

Recommended for:

  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Molecular biology
  • Lateral flow, turbidimetric and slide aggulation assays