Thermo Scientific™

VP100 Continuous Flow Vapor Generator

Combine this fully-software-controlled system with our Atomic Absorption spectrometers for a fast, simple and cost effective way to reach lower detection limits for the Hydride group elements. The unique Thermo Scientific™ VP100 Continuous Flow Vapor Generator achieves superb detection limits for hydride and cold vapor forming elements including mercury and arsenic, with significant sensitivity improvement over normal flame and furnace AA techniques.
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Expand your Analysis Capabilities
Achieve detection limits comparable to the ICP-MS technique, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Fast analysis—typical sample analysis is possible in less than 60 seconds
  • Superb performance —detection limits in the parts per trillion range for several important hydride and cold vapor forming elements can be achieved
  • Fully customizable—quick and simple optimization and parameter adjustments with intuitive Thermo Scientific™ SOLAAR software
  • User-friendly—color-coded connections make set-up fast and easy, no need to switch valves makes analysis simpler for the user
  • Easy to maintain—continuous flow ensures self-cleaning; only maintenance required is to wash the system with de-ionized or distilled water when analysis is complete
Available VP100 Vapor Generator Consumables
  • Mercury Absorption Cell, 15cm (requires accessory mount)
  • Spare Silica T Cells (2), also used for VP90 and EC90 Vapor Generators
  • VP100 Peristaltic Pump Tubing kit
  • VP100 Semi-Permeable Membrane spare
  • Glass Beads spares for VP100 Gas Liquid Separator