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CETAC™ Autosampler Sample Probes

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Industrial & Applied Science

Customized autosampler accessories ensure more efficient, more reliable analysis with your Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ autosampler and Trace Elemental Analyzers. Choose the appropriate CETAC Autosampler Sample Probe from this comprehensive range.
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CETAC Standard Sample Probe
  • 0.5mm id
  • 0.8mm id
CETAC Carbon Fiber Sample Probe

Wider bore sample probe reduces the risk of blockage for aqueous samples that contain particulate matter

  • 0.5mm id
  • 0.8mm id
  • 1.0mm id for aqueous samples
CETAC Stainless Steel Filtered Probe for Oils

Designed especially for use with oil based samples, to ensure large particles are filtered out and avoid the risk of blockage.