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GFS33 Graphite Furnace and Autosampler for iCE™ 3300 AA spectrometers

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Spectroscopy Elemental Isotope Analysis
Provide a combination of flame and furnace technology that offer users unparalleled AA instrument sensitivity and productivity with a single module, combined graphite furnace and autosampler. Using the Thermo Scientific™ GFS33 Graphite Furnace and Autosampler for iCE™ 3300 AA spectrometer gives flexibility and adaptability to the routine laboratory.

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Increase Sensitivity and Save Time

Flame to furnace changeover is a simple routine operation on our single atomizer iCE 3300 AA system, as the burner does not have to be removed. This combined, pre-aligned GFS33 Graphite Furnace and Autosampler module simplifies installation and eliminates the need for daily optimization.

  • Dynamic, optical cuvette temperature control and pre-heated cuvette injection
  • Thermo Scientific™ Extended Lifetime Cuvettes (ELC) provide uninterrupted overnight analysis and lower cost of ownership
  • QuadLine™, high speed, high energy deuterium source correction, offers maximum sensitivity and wider working range
  • Corrects up to 2A of background, with less than 2% residual error even for fast transient signals
  • Autosampler prepares calibration standards, adds matrix modifiers, and dilutes samples
  • Dilutes over-range samples during an analysis
  • Software functionality to use the method of standard additions and perform automated Ash-Atomize experiments
  • Compatible with the iCE 3300 AA systems


Manuals & protocols