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Potassium Dichromate Solution Standard, Set of 2

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Thermo Scientific™ Potassium Dichromate Solution Standards are NIST-traceable for qualifying instrument performance. Qualify your spectrophotometer's performance with NIST-traceable Thermo Scientific Potassium Dichromate Solution Standards for photometric accuracy.

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The Potassium Dichromate Solution Standard is available in a set of two or six standards. Both standard sets are:
  • Supplied in 0.001M perchloric acid in permanently sealed quartz cells
  • Compatible with any cell holder that accommodates 10mm pathlength rectangular cells
  • Traceable to NIST™ standards and supplied with a calibration certificate
  • Calibrated for use with instruments with a SBW of ≤1.6nm, including the Thermo Scientific Evolution 60, Evolution 300 and Evolution 600

Set of Two Standards

  • Intended for testing photometric accuracy at 430nm as required by the European Pharmacopoeia Section 2.2.25, revised 2005
  • Includes a 600mg/L standard and corresponding blank

Set of Six Standards

  • Designed to check linearity of the instrument in the UV region
  • Calibrated at 235, 257, 313 and 350nm
  • Includes standards at 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100mg/L concentrations


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