Thermo Scientific™

Stray Light Standards

Thermo Scientific™ NIST™ traceable standards verify spectrophotometer stray light specification.
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Each Thermo Scientific Stray Light Standard stops transmitting light below a specific wavelength. Below this cut-off, any measured value can be attributed to instrumental stray light. A measured value of stray light that does not meet instrument specifications may indicate a problem with the instrument lamp and may result in analytical errors.

The following standards are available for stray light measurements:

  • Potassium Chloride, cutoff at 200nm
  • Sodium Iodide, cutoff at 260nm
  • Sodium Nitrate, cutoff at 390nm

Stray Light Standards are provided in permanently sealed quartz cuvettes. A water blank corresponding to each specific standard is supplied with every Stray Light Standard for performing blank readings.