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TCAutomation™ Laboratory Automation Solutions

TCAutomation™ Laboratory Automation Solutions
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Diagnostic Testing

Improve safety and efficiency in various types of clinical laboratories with Thermo Scientific™ TCAutomation™ Laboratory Automation Solutions. This expandable and scalable, fully-featured laboratory automation solution allows labor-intensive tasks in pre- and post-analytical phases of sample management to be automated in different combinations. Depending on the floor plan and efficiency requirements, the TCAutomation systems can be expanded step-by-step.
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TCAutomation™ systems throughput can range from 250 up to 1000 tubes per hour. Because solutions are modular, they are easy to expand. Automating can be started from a certain function and built up towards total laboratory automation. Samples are transported in the system within dual-lane conveyors in a multitube carrier which accommodates several tube sizes. The carrier includes an embedded microchip, based on RFID technology, making sample identification fast and reliable, and enabling excellent real-time sample tracking possibilities.

  • Entry Modules for high-volume automatic sample loading in user-specified racks

  • Centrifuge Module for automatic and continuous centrifugation of samples

  • Decapper Flex Module for automatic cap removal from different types and sizes of primary tubes

  • Aliquoter/Labeler Module for automatic sample aliquoting to secondary tubes with user-defined rules. Disposable tips are used. Secondary tubes are labelled automatically with the primary tube ID according to user-definable fields.

  • Recapper Module for automatic capping of different types and sizes of primary tubes

  • Exit and Sorting Modules for high volume sample exit. Excellent sample sorting capabilities to different kinds of racks. Includes sample archiving capabilities.

  • Control Unit, easy-to-navigate user interface for control over the whole automation system. Route definition is simple and gives flexibility to optimize the workflow

  • Analyzer Interfaces, several analyzer connections which can be either point-of-space or robotic interfaces. Wide selection of analyzers from different manufacturers is supported

  • Cold Storage refrigerated storage system from which samples can be automatically retrieved back to the track or discharged.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.