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CytoScan™ HD Accel Array and Reagent Kit Bundle

Catalog number: 952460
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Applied Biosystems™

CytoScan™ HD Accel Array and Reagent Kit Bundle

Catalog number: 952460
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24 reactions
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The CytoScan HD Accel suite of products offers a highly reliable, consistent, and sensitive genome-wide approach for high-resolution DNA copy number analysis to identify aneuploidies, microdeletions, microduplications, and other types of chromosomal aberrations accurately and easily to support cytogenetics research. The complete suite includes the CytoScan HD Accel array, a reagent kit, user-friendly Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software, and the GeneChip System 3000 instrument.

This CytoScan HD Accel Array and Reagent Kit Bundle contains 24 arrays and reagents sufficient for 24 reactions. An amplification kit is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

The CytoScan HD Accel suite is one of the most powerful sample-to-insight chromosomal microarray (CMA) research solutions available for reliable and reproducible results. With enhanced speed, improved coverage, and smaller sample input requirement, the CytoScan HD Accel array can help you maximize your laboratory productivity up to 100% compared to other microarrays, enabling you to reach a new level of efficiency.

Features of the CytoScan HD Accel cytogenetics solution include:
• Two-day workflow from sample to insight
• 100 ng sample DNA requirement, which is 50% less than other commercially available CMAs
• Updated reference model file with challenging sample types (buccal swabs, saliva, products of conception, amnio, CVS, and cell lines) to help generate higher quality results
• Improved coverage in more than 5000 regions across entries in OMIM, RefSeq, ClinGen, and DECIPHER/DDD constitutional databases
• High-density SNPs with >99% genotype accuracy that enable visualization of low-level mosaicism, absence of heterozygosity (AOH) and acquired UPD (aUPD) detection, copy number change confirmation, triploidy detection, allelic imbalance pattern visualization, genomic contamination identification, trio consistency checking, and parent-of-origin analysis
• 2.8 million markers for copy number analysis, including 750,000 SNPs and 1.9 million nonpolymorphic probes
• A robust and flexible assay designed to save you time and money, reduce errors, and deliver performance, results, and quality consistent with your laboratory requirements

Chromosome Analysis Suite Software
Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software enables you to view and summarize chromosomal aberrations across the genome. Chromosomal aberrations may include copy number gain or loss, mosaicism, and loss of heterozygosity (LOH). ChAS Software is available at no charge. More information ›

CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting solution
Labs may boost discovery yield and simplify variant interpretation with the CytoScan Automated Interpretation and Reporting (AIR) solution that unites ChAS Software with Franklin (by Genoox), an end-to-end, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven research solution for automating genetic data analysis. With CytoScan AIR, users can combine the power of both ChAS and Franklin to augment the visualizations of CNV gains, losses, and LOH with clinical research interpretation information. Features include:
• Fast data interpretation and reporting—results available in seconds so you can focus on discovery
• Improved evidence support—options for segment interpretation including the most up-to-date American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) classifications, phenotype matching, literature searches, and historic data
• Customized reporting—intuitive interface enables easy customization, reporting, evaluation, and sign-off
• Evidence-based database development—access to Franklin enables users to link evidence with observations for internal database management and expansion
• Relevant insights—more than 350,000 shared variant classifications and advanced findings from community-driven cytogenetics research

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HD Accel Array and Reagent Kit Bundle
Number of Arrays
24 arrays
Genechip Probe Array
For Use With (Application)
Prenatal, Postnatal, and Oncology
For Use With (Equipment)
GeneChip System 3000
Number of Markers
2.8 million
Target Gene

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Arrays and reagents for 24 reactions


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