Thermo Scientific™

Shandon™ Grosslab™ Junior Stand-Alone Workstation

 Related applications: Anatomical Pathology

Choose the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Grosslab™ Junior Stand-Alone Workstation, featuring stainless steel bases with tubular frames.

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  • Rapid positive drainage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Three ventilation system options: recirculating exhaust, external exhaust, or remote exhaust
  • Back-draft ventilation for efficient and quiet fumes capture across work surface
  • Programmable microprocessor allows clock time to be changed and the filter replacement alarm to be reset
  • Optional splash shield (B21201) protects the user while dissecting specimens
  • Abundant fluorescent light is directed to the work surface
  • Vacuum breaker-protected water supply
  • Appliances plug directly into the unit for convenient use
  • Each unit comes with an integral centimeter ruler on the front lip of the tabletop, magnetic instrument bar, and towel dispenser
  • Standard Type 304 or optional Type 316 stainless-steel construction

Choosing the Exhaust System to Fit Your Lab:

Recirculating Exhaust: For existing labs or labs without facility exhaust, it may be necessary to filter and recirculate the air. Specify a unit with an integral blower and filters.

External Exhaust: For distances that do not exceed 20ft. (6.1m), you may choose a unit with integral blower and filters that may be connected to your facility’s exhaust duct (Facility duct required by others; remote blower required by others for distances exceeding 20ft.).

Remote Exhaust: If your facility can supply an exhaust duct and remote blower system that provides an airflow of 400cfm (0.189 cu. m/s), a ducted unit will best suit your needs (Facility duct and remote blower by others; no filters).

Validated Exhaust Specifications:

Recommended Exhaust Airflow Volume:

  • Recirculating: N/A
  • External: N/A
  • Remote: 400cfm (0.189 cu. m/s)

Pressure Loss through Unit:

  • Recirculating: N/A
  • External: N/A
  • Remote: 1.15″ w.g. (2.87 mb)

Average Capture Velocity at Vented Area:

  • Recirculating: 119-121fpm (0.604-0.615m/s)
  • External: 122-123fpm (0.620-0.625m/s)
  • Remote: 148fpm (0.752m/s)

Average Capture Velocity at Front of Unit:

  • Recirculating: 10fpm (0.051m/s)
  • External: 10-13fpm (0.051-0.066m/s)
  • Remote: 15fpm (0.076m/s)


  • Recirculating Exhaust: Use of filters is required
  • External Exhaust: Use of filters if required for application
  • Remote Exhaust: No filters are required

Replacement Filter Set

Includes two formaldehyde-neutralizing (potassium permanganate) filters and two fine-particle filters (No.100619)


  • Work surface height of 36″ (91.4cm)
  • Louvered backdraft ventilation
  • Sink
  • Cold/hot water faucet with manual control
  • Disposal, 1/2hp with manual control
  • Hand spray combined with cold/hot water faucet
  • Two duplex GFCI electrical receptacles (110-120V units)
  • Two specified point-of-use electrical receptacles (220-240V units; see table at the end of this section)
  • Centimeter ruler on front lip of tabletop
  • Fixed lower shelf
  • Fixed upper shelf
  • Fluorescent light
  • Type 304 stainless-steel construction
  • Programmable microprocessor for date, time, and filter
  • Magnetic instrument bar (instruments not included)
  • Towel dispenser for C-fold towels
  • C-fold towels

Electrical Specifications:

  • 110-120V and 220-240V models require facility receptacles with 15 amp circuits for each power cord
  • 110-120V models draw 15 amps including the two hospital-grade duplex ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles
  • 220-240V models draw 15 amps including the two point-of-use receptacles with facility-supplied residual current device (RCD) protection required
  • Specific receptacle option must be selected at time of order (see table at the end of this section)
  • Units include two IEC 320 Power Entry Modules and two point-of-use power cords

Plumbing Specifications:

  • Two 1/2″(1.3cm) industrial-grade flexible hoses with 3/4in. (1.9cm) female hose fittings are supplied for connection to cold and hot water supply lines
  • 11/2″(3.8cm) I.D. reinforced flexible hose is supplied for connection to facility drain line


Stand-alone units with left-hand sinks and/or foot pedal controls are available upon request.


Manuals & protocols