Thermo Scientific™

CTM6 Coverslipper

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Anatomical Pathology

Get compact automation of routine glass coverslipping with Thermo Scientific™ CTM6 Coverslipper. With its compact footprint the CTM6 is the ideal instrument to free staff from the time-consuming task of routine coverslipping.
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Coverslipping made simple
  • Operator safety – loading and unloading of racks without opening the hood
  • Internal vapour extraction system with fan and permanent air-flow avoids any leakage of vapours at openings
  • Integrated charcoal filtration
  • Bubble-free mountant refill, 100mL reservoir
  • Tool-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Display options: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Easy conversion to other coverslip sizes – all required parts included
  • Adapters available for Thermo Scientific™ Varistain™ 24-4, XY, Gemini, Sakura™ DRS60, 601, 2000, Bavimed Carousel, HMS-MS/DS 50, 100, Leica™ ST4040, TST5010, Medite™ TST30-40-50