Gallery™ Automated Photometric Analyzer

Gallery™ Automated Photometric Analyzer

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Bring excellent analytical performance to colorimetric, enzymatic and electrochemical measurements with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Automated Photometric Analyzer. With a compact and affordable design, this discrete analyzer covers a wide range of application areas including food, beverage, water, soil and bioprocess testing and quality control.

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The analyzer provides an integrated platform for two measurement techniques, photometric and electrochemical (ECM), which can be run in parallel. Simultaneous determination of several analytes from a single sample and many automated features ensure efficiency in analysis. The unique low-volume cuvette design allows less reagent usage for lowered operating costs. Ready-to-use system kits eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation, allowing additional cost savings.

  • Capacity of up to 200 tests/hr
  • Ability to achieve detection of very low levels (ppb/µg)
  • Several blanking possibilities to eliminate sample matrix effects
  • Sophisticated dilution management
  • Combined sample and reagent disk, up to 90 sample positions on-board
  • On-board barcode reader to enable automatic sample and reagent identification
  • Real-time reagent monitoring
  • Automatic startup and shutdown protocols
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting test processing
  • Up to 2 hours walk-away time
  • Wavelength range from 340nm to 880nm
  • Optional ECM-unit for conductivity and pH
  • Intuitive graphical user-interface


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