Tali™ Cell Cycle Kit

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The Tali® Cell Cycle Kit includes a ready-to-use reagent that, when used with the Tali® Image-Based Cytometer, provides a convenient and accurate determination of the percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle. This single-addition reagent is composed of propidium iodide (PI), RNase A, and Triton X-100.

The Tali® Cell Cycle Kit offers a simple workflow:

• The pre-mixed reagent can be stored at room temperature and used when your cells are ready
• Simply fix your cells, add the reagent, incubate, and visualize
• Cell cycle data can be analyzed on the Tali® instrument or exported as a .csv or .fcs file for analysis with various modeling software

Fluorescent detection of cellular DNA as a cell-cycle phase indicator
PI, a red fluorescent dye, binds to DNA by intercalating between the bases with the little or no sequence preference. Consequently, the degree of fluorescence is proportional to the amount of cellular DNA, which itself is indicative of cell cycle phase (as cells progress through the cell cycle, the amount of DNA ultimately doubles). PI will also label RNA, so the addition of RNase A is necessary for accurate determination of the percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle.

After fixing your cells, simply add the optimized Tali® Cell Cycle reagent, incubate for 30 minutes in the dark, and then analyze on the Tali® Image-Based Cytometer. The cell cycle data from the Tali® Image-Based Cytometer can be analyzed on the instrument or exported in either .csv or .fcs format, and analyzed using cell cycle modeling software (such as ModFit or MultiCycle).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Color: Red
Compatible Cells: Mammalian Cells
Label or Dye: propidium iodide
Product Line: Tali®
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Format: Bottle(s)
For Use With (Equipment): Tali® Image-Based Cytometer, Tali® Image-Based Cytomoter

Contents & storage

1 bottle, store at room temperature.