MembranePro™ Functional Protein Expression Kit

Catalog number:  A11667

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Protein Biology

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For customers studying GPCRs and other membrane proteins, MembranePro™ is the ready-to-use system that delivers enriched, functional membrane proteins efficiently and reliably. Benefits of MembranePro™ include:

• Proteins are displayed on human (or other mammalian) cell membranes
• Cellular quality control and mammalian posttranslational processing helps produce functional protein
• Proteins bud off as lipoparticles and are easily collected from the culture medium
• Lipoparticles are enriched with expressed receptors

MembranePro™ workflow is less labor intensive in comparison to traditional production of membrane fractions. Briefly, the MembranePro™ protocol allows you to:

1. Clone your gene of interest using a TOPO® vector
2. Transfect with Lipofectamine™ 2000 and MembranePro™ Reagent into 293FT cells
3. Harvest lipoparticles 48h post-transfection, concentrate with MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix
4. Store lipoparticles at -80 C or proceed to downstream assays

MembranePro™ products are offered in two configurations – as an expression kit (TOPO® vector, Lipofectamine™ 2000, MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix, MembranePro™ Reagent, 293FT cells) and as a support kit (Lipofectamine™ 2000, MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix, MembranePro™ Reagent). The expression kit is only available in a 10 reaction size; the support kit is available in 10, 60 and 600 reaction sizes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: 293FT
Delivery Type: Virus-Like Particles (VLPs)
Expressed Protein Type: Membrane Protein
Expression Mechanism: Cell-Based Expression
Expression System: Mammalian
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Key Functions: Membrane Protein Expression
Product Line: MembranePro™
Promoter: EF-1α
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): Blasticidin
Selection Marker Eukaryotic: BsdR
Quantity: 1 kit

Contents & storage

The kit contains:
•pEF6 V5-His TOPO® TA Vector Kit for at least 10 TOPO® cloning reactions (Store at -20°C)
•3 x10^6 293FT Cells (Store in liquid nitrogen)
•1 x 75 ml MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix (Store at room temperature)
•1 x 0.3 mg (1 mg⁄ml) MembranePro™ Reagent (Store at -20°C)
•3 x 0.75 ml Lipofectamine™ 2000 (Store at +4°C)