GeneArt™ High-Order Vector Conversion Cassette

Catalog number:  A13291

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The GeneArt® High-Order Vector Conversion Cassette is a ready-to-use, 3.8 Kb linear BAC⁄YAC cassette, containing yeast replication and selection elements that can make any E.coli vector compatible with the GeneArt® High-Order Genetic Assembly System (cat# A13285 & A13286). Creating your compatible vector is as simple as blunt cloning the cassette into the vector’s multiple cloning site. This product only includes the DNA cassette.

Some of the key features and elements of the Conversion Cassette include:
TRP1 to allow selection of yeast transformants in medium lacking tryptophan
URA3 as an optional counter selectable marker in yeast
• ARS⁄CEN origin to allow stable maintenance of the construct in yeast
• Chloramphenicol resistance for selection in E.coli
• 6 restriction enzyme sites, including 2 endonuclease homing sites, designed for rare-cutters to simplify the linearization of the final construct

If you prefer to use a commercial ready-to-use vector, please consider the GeneArt® pYES1L Vector with Sapphire Technology™ (cat# A13287). The vector comes linearized and has been verified to clone up to 110 Kb of DNA fragments.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibiotic Resistance Bacterial: Chloramphenicol (CmR)
Cloning Method: Seamless Cloning
Replication Origin: ARS⁄CEN
Selection Marker Eukaryotic: URA3, TRP1
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Structure: Linear
Product Line: GeneArt®

Contents & storage

The product contains one vial of linear conversion cassette at a concentration of 100 ng⁄ml. Each vial contains enough DNA to convert 10 different E.coli vectors.

Store the product at -20°C.

The cassette is guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.