BacMam Aequorin Kit

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The BacMam Aequorin Kit utilizes a modified baculovirus (insect cell virus with a mammalian promoter) to transiently deliver aequorin, a luminescent calcium sensor, into mammalian cells from a wide variety of sources: cell lines, primary cells, and stem cells. Upon binding calcium ions, aequorin displays a "flash" style luminescent signal while consuming coelenterazine as a substrate. The luminescence signal resolves problems associated with autofluorescent compounds in traditional assays and provides an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

The BacMam Aequorin Kit Allows You to:

Measure calcium in a wide variety cell types

• Develop an assay in 2-3 weeks rather than months
• Take advantage of a large assay window
• Avoid false positives due to autofluorescent compounds

Study Signaling in the Most Relevant Cellular Background
Understanding signaling in physiologically relevant cell backgrounds is extremely important when predicting the real effects of compounds in humans prior to clinical trials. With the BacMam Aequorin Kit you can choose the appropriate cell type for your research needs, enabling you to design your own experiments and to reach your research goals faster.

Save Time and Money with Faster Assay Development
The BacMam Aequorin Kit enables transient target expression allowing for reduced time to an HTS-ready assay versus traditional stable cell line creation. Traditional stable cell line development requires months of culturing, optimization, and cloning of your cell line. This requires considerable time and resources. With BacMam Aequorin a user can get results in 2-3 weeks versus months.

Design the Assay to Meet Your Requirements
The BacMam Aequorin Kit provides flexibility to your research, allowing you to understand signaling across various cell backgrounds. BacMam Aequorin can interrogate calcium signaling in both GPCR and Ion Channel targets whether endogenously or exogenously introduced. To gain even greater flexibility, transduce large quantities of cells in batch mode and store frozen transduced cells in aliquots to use at your convenience.

Obtain High Quality Results with a Large Dynamic Range
BacMam Aequorin is a luminescent calcium indicator. Luminescence readouts present little to no background signal, increasing the robustness of the assay; and they have a large assay window. The assay uses luminescence, thereby minimizing the number of false positive hits due to compound autofluorescence.

BacMam Aequorin Kit Compatible Cells
The BacMam Aequorin Kit has been used to successfully transduce numerous transformed cell lines (e.g. U2-OS, HEK 293, CHO-K1 and HeLa), primary cells (e.g., fibroblasts, HASMC and HUVEC), and stem cells (e.g. neuronal and mesenchymal) at high transduction efficiency and low levels of cytotoxicity. However, cells of hematopoietic origin show consistently poor transduction by BacMam technology, and are not recommended for use.

For research use only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell State: Cells Not Included
Detection Method: Bioluminescent
Druggable Target: Calcium Signalling
Product Size: 10 mL
System: BacMam

Contents & storage

  • BacMam Aequorin Reagent
  • Enhancer Solution
  • Product Information Sheet


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