Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Kit

Catalog number:  A14148

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The Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Kit allows the targeted integration of genetic material into a specific pre-engineered R4 site in the Jump-In™ CHO-K1 cell line, to create an isogenic stable cell line with less effort and in less time than traditional cell engineering methods.

The high retargeting efficiency, made possible by the R4 sites in the CHO-K1 cell line, allows the use of the isogenic pool for additional experiments without the need for clonal selection. Alternatively, the high retargeting efficiency allows for the easy selection of a positive stable clone expressing your gene of interest.

The Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Kit Lets You:

• Quickly and efficiently develop stably engineered isogenic cell pools in about half the time compared to traditional cell engineering methods
• Utilize isogenic expression from a defined genomic locus as the ideal solution for comparative analysis of gene families, isoforms, or orthologs
• Generate multiple cell lines in parallel using the simplified work flow
• Easily access the technology without complicated licenses or restrictions to interpret

Save Time with Rapid and Efficient Generation of Engineered Cell Lines
With the Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Kit you can generate functional cell pools in as little as 2 weeks without laborious clone isolation and analysis, and the streamlined protocol makes it easier to generate several cell lines at the same time. Even generation of clonal cell lines can be done with reduced time and effort due to the high percentage of positive clones. In addition, the Jump-In™ technology gives you the freedom to generate an unlimited number of cell lines without restrictive licensing requirements.

Expand Your Experimental Capabilities
The Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Kit is the ideal solution for cells and assays where transient engineering technologies are problematic, as well as for difficult to The kit also provides a convenient way to create target panels of gene families, isoforms, or orthologs. Genes coding for large proteins or multi-unit proteins are not a problem since the Gateway® destination vectors accept large inserts.

The kit includes:
• pJTI™ R4 Dest CMV pA vector (100 µg)
• pJTI™ R4 Int vector (100 µg)
• Jump-In™ CHO-K1 Cells (2 vials @ 1 ml each)

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Quantity: 1 kit
Cell Line: Jump-In™ CHO-K1
Delivery Type: Transfection
Expression System: Mammalian
Key Functions: Stable Cell Line Development, Targeted Integration
Promoter: CMV
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): Hygromycin
System Type: Jump-In™
Product Line: Jump-In™

Contents & storage

The kit includes:
Jump-In™ CHO-K1 cells
pJTI™ R4 Int (integrase vector)
pJTI™ R4 DEST CMV pA (destination vector)

Upon receipt, immediately store the cells in liquid nitrogen and the vectors at -20 °C. Cells stored at -80°C can quickly lose viability.