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ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection Kit

Catalog number:  A14526

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The ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection Kit is a core component of the Expi293™ Expression System. It is designed for transient transfection of high density cultures of HEK (human embryonic kidney) 293 cells. The high-efficiency, cationic, lipid-based transfection reagent and transfection enhancers are designed to power the highest possible level of protein expression from Expi293F™ cells cultured in Expi293™ Expression Medium

Designed specifically for transfection of high density suspension cell culture, with matching transfection enhancers that boost transfection performance and protein expression
Achieves protein yields 2- to 10-fold higher than other transfection reagents used on high density 293 cell cultures
Employs the same transient expression protocols typically used in current low-density 293 suspension culture systems to easily switch from low density systems to the high yield, high density Expi293™ Expression System
Provides robust and reproducible transfection results, giving users greater confidence in their results
Scale transfections for culture volumes of less than 1 mL to greater than 10 liters, while maintaining equivalent volumetric protein yields

The ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection Kit is specifically designed to work with Expi293F™ cells in the Expi293™ Expression System. The transfection kit consists of the cationic lipid-based ExpiFectamine™ 293 Reagent and ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection Enhancers 1 and 2. The enhancers are added 16 to 18 hours post-transfection to boost transfection, cell viability, and protein expression. The protocol for use of ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection components is very similar to transfection protocols for other transient expression reagents, such as 293fectin™ and FreeStyle™ MAX.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type: Plasmid DNA
Quantity: 1 Kit(s)
Sample Size: For 50L of culture
Cell Line: Expi293F™
Cell Type: Established Cell Lines
Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
Purity or Quality Grade: Cell Culture Grade
Serum Compatible: No
Transfection Technique: Lipid-Based Transfection
Product Line: ExpiFectamine™

Contents & storage

Five 10-L kits; sufficient for transfection of 50 L of culture

Store at +2°C to +8°C