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Dynabeads™ MAX EPEC/VTEC O45 Kit

Catalog number:  A14683

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Food & Beverage

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The Dynabeads MAX EPEC/VTEC O45 Kit allows for the rapid, selective concentration of E. coli O45 serogroup bacteria in food and environmental samples to improve downstream detection via PCR or culture methods.

• Improve detection sensitivity in PCR sample analysis
• Reduce background in selective agar detection
• Perform the method manually or automate using the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System System

Improve Sensitivity and Reduce Background
Highly specific antibodies attached to paramagnetic beads are incubated with an aliquot of pre-enriched sample. The beads bind and concentrate the target bacteria from non-target organisms. Washing steps help limit the carryover of inhibitors and matrix-associated particulates. These steps combine to improve the sensitivity of PCR-based detection while reducing background for plating methods.

Manual or Automated Processing
The immunomagnetic separation (IMS) steps can be performed manually with magnets and mixers or automated using the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System.

Following the Dynabeads MAX EPEC/VTEC O45 protocol, the presence or absence of one viable E. coli O45 can be determined in the sample sizes described if this one E. coli cell is able to replicate and is not masked by resident background flora.
For Testing of Food and Environmental Samples Only.


For Use With (Equipment): Dynabeads® MPC®,KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System
Product Line: Dynabeads®
Product Size: 200 reactions
Target Organism Class: E. coli

Contents & storage

Store in refrigerator (2–8°C). DO NOT FREEZE.