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The pJTI™ R4 Exp CMV-TO EmGFP pA vector is a positive control vector for assessing retargeting efficiency when retargeting a Jump-In™ T-REx™ parental cell line. When co-transfected with the integrase vector (pJTI™ R4 Int vector included in the Jump-In™ parental kits) and after antibiotic selection, the EmGFP can be inducibly expressed with doxycycline and the successfully retargeted cells will fluoresce green.

Ensure the Success of Your Jump-In™ T-REx™ Retargeting Reactions
Successful retargeting of Jump-In™ T-REx™ parental cell lines like the Jump-In™ T-REx™ HEK293 Kit is dependent on a variety of factors, such as:

• Transfection efficiency
• Cell confluency
• Antibiotic selection conditions
• Quality and concentration of DNA
• Retargeting vector to integrase vector ratio

We strongly recommend including a positive control retargeting reaction using the pJTI™ R4 Exp CMV-TO EmGFP pA vector in your Jump-In™ experiment, along with negative controls (no plasmid DNA, no integrase vector), so you can easily visualize the results and optimize the retargeting conditions.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibiotic Resistance Bacterial: Ampicillin (AmpR)
Key Functions: Stable Cell Line Development, Targeted Integration, Regulated Expression
Product Line: Jump-In™
Constitutive or Inducible System: Inducible
Delivery Type: Transfection
Inducing Agent: Tetracycline
Promoter: CMV⁄TO
Reporter Gene: GFP (EmGFP)
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): Geneticin® (G-418)
Vector: Jump-In Vectors
Protein Tag: GFP (EmGFP)

Contents & storage

pJTI™ R4 EXP CMV-TO EmGFP pA vector (100 µg), store at -20 °C