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Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase for Food ID

Catalog number:  A24401

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Food & Beverage

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This convenient packaging of Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase for Food ID is recommended for use with the PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 4480466) to prepare DNA for meat ID and GMO testing from food and feed samples. The protocol using Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase in conjunction with the PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit can be readily automated on the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System platform to reduce hands-on time and increase reproducibility of the DNA extraction procedure. The purified DNA can then be used in PCR or other molecular biology techniques, and is well-suited for use with the following food and feed testing kits:

NameCatalog Number
TaqMan GMO Screening Kit4466334
TaqMan Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit4466335
TaqMan GMO Maize Quantification Kit4481972
RapidFinder Beef ID KitA24391
RapidFinder Pork ID KitA24392
RapidFinder Equine ID KitA15570
RapidFinder Poultry ID KitA24397
RapidFinder Chicken ID KitA24393
RapidFinder Turkey ID KitA24394
RapidFinder Ruminent ID KitA24396

For Testing of Food and Environmental Samples Only.


For Use With (Application): Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Purification Target: Mitochondrial DNA, Genomic DNA
Sample Type: Food & Environmental Samples

Contents & storage

• 4 bottles of Lysis Buffer 1
• 2 tubes each of RNase, dried

Store at room temperature.