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RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit for RT-PCR

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Simply and reliably detect the presence of animal DNA in food samples by real-time PCR using the RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit. Unlike ELISA based methods, when used with the GMO Extraction Kit (Order code: 4466336) for sample preparation, the RapidFinder Vegan ID Kit detects animal DNA in both raw and processed foods and provides a sensitivity down to 0.01% of animal DNA to support vegan label claims. The included positive control, which comprises 0.1% of bovine DNA, can be used as a reference to set the threshold of detection of the assay.
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 The RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit uses real-time PCR to target a mitochondrial DNA region which is conserved in all animal species, providing highly sensitive detection of any animal species. The kit supports food laboratories to check the vegan status of food products and ingredients as any item of animal origin is detected including meat, fish, eggs and dairy.
• Simple: real-time PCR based assay, no electrophoresis needed
• Flexible: animal DNA detected in any food or feed sample, both raw and processed
• Reliable: Internal Positive Control (IPC) provides process-control check for PCR inhibitors
• Fast: from sample to result in the same day
How the RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit Works
Animal DNA detection is accomplished by real-time PCR using two TaqMan™-MGB probes. The target sequence, detected in the FAM dye channel, specifically detects one mitochondrial DNA sequence common to all animal species.  Also included in each reaction mix is an internal positive control detected in the VIC™ dye channel, which is used to verify the absence of PCR inhibitors.
By performing a separate reaction with the included positive control, users are able to verify the system and assay are working correctly. More importantly, it enables easy data interpretation. The positive control is provided as 0.1% bovine DNA, and by comparing sample results to the control results, a threshold of detection is provided.
Sample Preparation
DNA sample preparation for the RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit workflow is accomplished with the easy-to-use GMO Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 4466336). Using 10 g of sample rather than the smaller sample sizes accommodated by most other DNA isolation procedures minimizes sampling errors. The GMO Extraction Kit is compatible with raw and processed foods, as well as composite food samples.
Part of a suite of solutions for meat species detection
The RapidFinder™ Vegan ID Kit is just one of our many kits available for the sensitive detection of various meat species in food and feed samples. Other RapidFinder™ meat species identification kits available include those for the detection of pork, horse, sheep, ruminant, chicken, turkey, and poultry.
The RapidFinder™ Meat Species Identification kits are made available through a partnership with IMEGEN (Instituto de Medicina Genomica).
For Testing of Food and Environmental Samples Only.