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POROS™ GoPure™ XQ Pre-packed Column, 0.5 x 5 cm, 1 mL

Catalog number:  A25812

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POROS™ GoPure™ 0.5 cm diameter x 5 cm long prepacked columns are intended for screening of POROS™ ion exchange resins or for small scale purification. These prepacked columns are ready to connect and have the following features:
• Dimensions of 0.5 cmD x 5 cmL with a nominal 1 mL bed volume that provides a uniform screening platform
• Direct connections to standard chromatography systems
• Packed with POROS™ high performance resins that offer high dynamic binding capacity and high resolution over a wide range of flow rates

The POROS™ XQ resin in this GoPure™ column features a strong anion exchange functional group and is a high capacity and high resolution resin with excellent salt tolerance.

• Convenient—ready-to-run columns simplify and speed POROS™ resin evaluations
• Conserves sample—GoPure™ 0.5 cmD x 5 cmL columns, with their 1 mL nominal bed volume, minimize the sample needed for screening multiple resins
• Simplified scalability—reproducible GoPure™ pre-packed columns simplify process scale up or process modeling

GoPure™ 0.5 cmD x 5 cmL prepacked columns have been developed to meet the needs of the process development scientist requiring a convenient and uniform POROS™ resin screening platform. The 1 mL bed volume reduces sample requirements, and a recommended ≥3 minute residence time (0.3 mL/min) on this 5 cm length column equates to 400 cm/hr on a 20 cm bed height.
Other POROS™ anion exchange resins, as well cation exchange resins, are also available in this column format. All POROS™ high performance chromatography resins have a unique pore structure that provides excellent mass transport for high capacity and resolution over a wide range of flow rates.

For scale-up, POROS™ GoPure™ pre-packed columns are available in a range of diameters and in multiple bed heights that equate to a column volume range of 5 mL to 6.3 L.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Binding Strength: >140 mg/mL dynamic binding capacity in the presence of up to 6.6 mS/cm NaCl
Column Type: Anion Exchange
Immobilized Phase: Proprietary Strong Anion Exchange
Product Line: GoPure™
Product Size: 1 column
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature