Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit

Catalog number: A25973

Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit

Catalog number: A25973
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50 tests
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A2597350 tests
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The Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit enables optimal image-based analysis of two key cardiomyocyte markers: NKX2.5 and TNNT2/cTnT. It is the only kit that offers superior imaging for cardiomyocytes in one box, with a complete set of primary and secondary antibodies, a nuclear DNA stain, and all of the pre-made buffers for an optimized staining experiment.

With the Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit, you can:
• Confirm expression of key cardiomyocyte markers with highly specific antibodies
• Get more information per sample by measuring more than one marker at a time
• Generate beautiful multiplexed images with minimal effort
• Save time and avoid cell loss by eliminating unnecessary wash steps in your staining protocol
• Process samples with confidence using a complete and optimized set of ICC reagents

Confirm Expression of Key Cardiac Markers
The antibodies included in the kit have been carefully selected and validated for high performance in the immunocytochemistry analysis of cardiomyocytes. The antibodies are well suited for the characterization of cardiomyocytes generated from pluripotent stem cells using the Gibco™ PSC Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit.

Get More Information Per Sample
The antibodies in the kit have been designed to allow for the specific and simultaneous assessment of NKX2.5 and TNNT2 along with nuclear DNA staining to help save time and precious sample.

Generate Beautiful Multiplexed Images
Powered by the superior performance of bright, photostable Alexa Fluor™ dyes, this kit enables the acquisition of beautiful multiplexed images of cardiomyocyte marker expression using commonly available blue, green, and orange/red filter sets.

Eliminate Unnecessary Wash Steps
The streamlined method recommended for this kit eliminates unnecessary wash steps found in standard immunocytochemistry protocols, saving time and decreasing the likelihood of cell loss during the staining protocol, especially when using glass coverslips or chamber slides. The only washes required are after incubation with primary and secondary antibodies.

Process Samples with Confidence
An optimized set of premade fixation, permeabilization, blocking, and wash buffers allows you to focus on answering scientific questions rather than spending time preparing reagents and determining compatibility.

What You Get
Easily scaled to any culture plate, dish, or slide format, the Human Cardiomyocyte Immunocytochemistry Kit comes with reagents sufficient to stain 50 samples using a 200 μL staining volume. Detailed kit contents can be found below.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


2 Color, Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 555, Alexa Fluor 594
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Alexa Fluor™
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Immunocytochemistry Kit

Contents & Storage

Store at -20°C to 4°C:

  • 10 μL of Mouse Anti-Human TNNT2 (1000X)
  • 10 μL Rabbit Anti-Human NKX2.5 (1000x)
  • 40 μL of Alexa Fluor™ 555 Donkey Anti-Rabbit (250X)
  • 40 μL of Alexa Fluor™ 594 Donkey Anti-Rabbit (250X)
  • 40 μL of Alexa Fluor™ 488 Donkey Anti-Mouse(250X)

Store at -20°C to RT:

  • 1 vial of NucBlue™ Fixed Cell ReadyProbes™ Reagent (1X)
  • 10 mL of Fixative Solution (1X)
  • 10 mL of Permeabilization Solution S (1X)
  • 20 mL of Blocking Solution (1X)
  • 20 mL of Wash Buffer (10X)


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