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Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing 200 Kit (2 sequencing runs per initialization)

Catalog number:  A26433

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Ion Torrent™ Next-Generation Sequencing

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The Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing 200 Kit contains the most advanced reagents for sequencing using the Ion Proton™ System. The kit contains a novel sequencing enzyme that enables increased variant calling accuracy. When used together with the Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ OT2 200 Kit, the Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing 200 Kit helps to significantly increase the sensitivity and specificity of your sequence analysis. Typical applications for the Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ workflow are exome sequencing, gene panel sequencing, and transcriptome analysis. Kit components include sequencing supplies, enzymes, nucleotides, spike-in sequencing controls, and sequencing reagents. The kit contains sufficient reagents and supplies for 4 initializations and 8 sequencing runs on the Ion Proton™ system. (For 8 initializations and 8 runs, see Cat. No. A26772.)

Note: an Ion Proton™ Wash 2 Bottle is required for use of this sequencing kit.

The Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing 200 Kit provides:
• The latest advancements in data quality and accuracy using the Ion Proton™ System
• Improved specificity for SNP and insertion/deletion variant calls
• Support for sequencing using the Ion PI™ Chip, enabling up to 80 million reads per run

Rapid and comprehensive genomic profiling
The Ion Proton™ sequencer along with Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome technology and Ion Reporter™ Software enables comprehensive exome sequencing. Delivering up to 80 million reads in a single run, the Ion Proton™ System, used together with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit, provides fast, cost effective, and easy gene level expression analysis of more than 20,000 RefSeq transcripts. The high quality data produced by the Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ kits paired with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Comprehensive Cancer Panel enables accurate detection of somatic variants in key tumor suppressor and oncogenes in your research.

Single-day sequencing workflow
The fast sequencing and data processing capabilities of the Ion Proton™ System produce sequencing results in as little as a single day. With such rapid turnaround times, the Ion Proton™ System aims to be approximately three times faster than the projected performance of other next-generation sequencing platforms.

This kit is only compatible with the Ion Proton™ System.
Use this kit with the Ion PI™ Hi-Q™ OT2 200 Kit and Ion PI™ Chip Kit v3.
This kit replaces the Ion PI™ Sequencing 200 Kit v3.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion Proton™ System
Recommended Applications: Comparative Sequencing (Germline Mutations - 50:50)
Product Line: Hi-Q™, Ion PI™

Contents & storage

• Ion PI Hi-Q Sequencing 200 solutions, store at 2–8°C.
• Ion PI Hi-Q Sequencing 200 reagents, store at -5°C to -30°C.
• Ion PI Sequencing nucleotides, store at -5°C to -30°C.
• Ion Proton Sequencing supplies, store at room temperature.