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PSC Cryopreservation Kit

Catalog number: A2644601
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PSC Cryopreservation Kit

Catalog number: A2644601
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50 mL
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A264460150 mL
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The PSC Cryopreservation Kit contains xeno-free PSC Cryopreservation Medium, which is a ready-to-use solution for the cryopreservation of early passage pluripotent stem cells (PSCs), and RevitaCell™ Supplement (100X), a chemically defined recovery supplement for use in the post-thaw culture media. When used in combination, these reagents help minimize loss of cell viability, maximize post-thaw recovery, and minimize unwanted differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. This kit can also be used to cryopreserve and recover peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) to improve post-thaw cell viability and recovery.

• Efficient recovery—routinely achieves 50% more viable cells than traditional methods of PSC cryopreservation
• Consistent—chemically defined media maintains normal morphology, pluripotency, and karyotype of pluripotent stem cells over 10 passages
• Reduced variability—optimized reagents minimize the causes of genetic instability of pluripotent stem cells

Xeno-free, chemically defined formulations help ensure the proliferation capacity and long-term culture of PSCs and PBMCs in a stable state, thus helping to increase their usefulness in research and clinical research applications.

Easy to use
The PSC Cryopreservation Medium is provided as a ready-to-use, complete solution containing 10% DMSO for efficient cell addition. Separate additions of enhancing reagents are not required, helping save valuable preparation time.

The kit is compatible with cells cultured in a variety of media systems including Essential 8™ medium, StemPro™ hESC SFM, and other commercially available formulations. Also, the kit is compatible with clump and single cell passaged PSCs.

cGMP manufacturing and quality system
The PSC Cryopreservation Kit is manufactured at a cGMP-compliant facility. The facility is also registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and certified to ISO 13485 standards.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Xeno-free for Cryomedium, Animal Origin-free for RevitaCell
Culture Type
Stem Cell (Human, iPS - Induced Pluripotent Stem, Embryonic)
Product Type
PSC Cryopreservation Kit
Serum Level
With Additives
DMSO (10%)
Manufacturing Quality
cGMP for medical devices, 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485
Product Line
Shipping Condition
Dry Ice

Contents & Storage

• 50 mL Cryopreservation Media
• 5 mL RevitaCell Supplement (100X)

Store at -5 to -20°C and protect from light.


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