Informational:Informational:The Ion S5™/Ion S5™ XL Systems will be discontinued starting January 1, 2023. We will continue to provide full support of the instruments for the next five years or best effort and supply the reagents and consumables until further notice. We recommend you to upgrade your system to Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems or trading in your existing system for Ion Torrent Genexus System.
Ion Torrent™

Ion S5™ XL System

Catalog number: A27214
Ion Torrent™

Ion S5™ XL System

Catalog number: A27214
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The Ion S5™ XL next-generation sequencing system enables a simple targeted sequencing workflow for your lab with reliable performance and industry-leading speed. The Ion S5 XL System leverages the speed of semiconductor sequencing with impressive computing power found both on-board and in the included Torrent Server, to produce high quality sequencing data in as little as 2.5 hours and enable you to go from DNA library to data in as little as 24 hours with only 45 minutes of total hands-on time on the Ion Chef™ System and the Ion S5 XL System. The Ion S5 XL System is simple to use with cartridge-based reagents and offers superior scalability and flexibility to support a broad range of high throughput sequencing applications, from microbial genomes and gene panels to exomes and transcriptomes, using our 5 Series chips.

Some research decisions can’t wait. A few hours could make all the difference in your quest for the right answer.With other light-based sequencers you could wait almost 60 hours for results. With the Ion S5 XL System you get results in as little as 24 hours (with a 2.5-4 hour sequencer run time and overnight Ion Chef System run)—the fastest turnaround of any next-generation sequencer currently on the market.

With single-day installation, a straightforward user interface, and cartridge-loaded reagents, the Ion S5 XL System is easy to use. Beyond this, the system is part of a workflow that allows you to go from DNA to data with only 45 minutes of total hands-on time on the Ion Chef System and the Ion S5 XL System, significantly less than other targeted sequencing solutions that require as much as 2.5 hours of hands-on time. Combined with Ion AmpliSeq™ technology for target selection, the Ion Chef™ System for automated library and template preparation, and Ion Reporter™ Software for automated variant annotation, targeted sequencing becomes simpler than ever.

Small sample input
Low input DNA for challenging samples types, such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, retrospective samples from fine needle aspirates, and cell-free DNA extracted from blood (cfDNA) can be difficult to sequence on competitor next-generation sequencers. However, with Ion AmpliSeq technology and the Ion S5 XL Sequencer, you can use as little as 10 ng input DNA or RNA.

Why buy multiple systems for your lab when you can run all your targeted sequencing or microbial research applications on a single next-generation sequencer? The Ion S5 XL System has a modular build, so your lab has the flexibility to do multiple targeted sequencing applications on a single system.

Simple analysis and storage solutions
Whether you are new to next-generation sequencing or an expert user, Torrent Suite™ Software and Ion Reporter™ Software make it easy for you to get started with next-generation sequencing. Plan, monitor, track, and analyze your runs using Torrent Suite Software (pre-installed on the Torrent Server). Integrate, annotate, and interpret variants using Ion Reporter Software (Cloud or local options available based on your needs).

Services and support
With more than 2,000 field personnel, Thermo Fisher Scientific has the most extensive network of dedicated Field Application Specialists and Service Engineers to work with you, so you can be confident that we will be there when and where you need us most.

Service and support plans—comprehensive plans to maximize instrument performance and ensure availability of critical systems
Qualification services—document and ensure instrument is installed, operating, and performing to manufacturer’s specifications
Training—courses for experimental design, data analysis, troubleshooting, applications, and instrument operation
Bioinformatics—tailored support for NGS informatics execution, software use, data analysis, and downstream applications
DataSafe Solution—storage and back-up strategy, design, hardware, and support for all lab data

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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