Applied Biosystems™

GeneMapper™ ID-X Software v1.5, Full Installation

Catalog number: A27884
Applied Biosystems™

GeneMapper™ ID-X Software v1.5, Full Installation

Catalog number: A27884
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This product includes a single GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.5 Full Installation (including database) and license.

GeneMapper ID-X Software is an automated genotyping software solution designed for all human identification data analysis needs, including forensic casework, databasing, and paternity testing. GeneMapper ID-X Software supports a multi-user database configuration and provides a set of data analysis and sample review tools that help streamline sizing, allele calling, mixture analysis, and statistical calculations. The software offers a comprehensive quality value system that can be optimized and validated for use in both Expert System and traditional data analysis workflows. The software supports genotyping applications on the Applied Biosystems 310, 3100, 3100-Avant; Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3500, 3500xL genetic analyzers; and Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer.

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Features of GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.5 include:
• Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit compatibility
• Enhanced Profile Manager
     --Allows import of reference or custom profiles from text files
     --Enables export of comparison results for analysis and reporting
• Expanded capabilities to integrate with third party systems and manage data archiving
     --Additional command line interface to automate exporting of all key data objects, opening of a project, splitting one project into multiple projects, and filtering of samples for selected commands
     --Allows user to generate sample plots in individual PDFs using a single command
• Support of CODIS CMFv3.2 R13 specification
     --Allows export of CODIS XML with latest list of specimen categories, markers, and kits accepted by CODIS
     --Support of expanded CODIS ORI
     --Enables user to define kit/panel names and locus names that can be exported
• An updated and consolidated set of panel, bin, and stutter files to support analysis with all existing AmpFlSTR kits, including GlobalFiler, GlobalFiler Express, and Yfiler Plus, is pre-installed with the software
• The addition of GlobalFiler Population Database to support statistical analysis of GlobalFiler kit data

Overview of GeneMapper ID-X Software:
• Powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tool designed to increase lab productivity
• Comprehensive Expert System capability enables analysis of forensic databasing samples delivered by automated data assessment functionality and efficient manual review tools
• Complete Expert Assistant solution for analysis of forensic casework samples combines an efficient suite of manual review features with an integrated mixture analysis tool
• Quality control functionality allows rapid allele match comparisons and concordance searches within a data set
• Extensive security, auditing, and e-signature capabilities help protect data integrity and control technical records
• Multi-user database configuration stores your projects in a central location and facilitates information exchange
• Command Line Interface—offers the ability to access GeneMapper ID-X Software automatically (without human intervention) and helps streamline its integration with LIMS installations and other applications in an existing laboratory infrastructure

Automated data assessment
GeneMapper ID-X Software was designed specifically to fulfill the requirements of both Expert System and Expert Assistant software. A combination of sophisticated automated data assessment processes and efficient manual review tools deliver comprehensive Expert System capability. This facilitates optimal interaction between the analyst and the data, helping to significantly reduce the amount of analysis time required for single source samples. Features such as the Analysis Requirements check, Allelic Ladder Quality Assessment, Improved Quality Value System, and the Analysis Summary analyze samples and segregate them into pass or review categories based on your thresholds. Once segregated, you are enables to easily conduct manual review of samples.

Despite its capabilities to automate and streamline the analysis of single source samples, an Expert System is unable to make the final analysis decision for most forensic casework samples and in particular for those containing mixtures. GeneMapper ID-X Software is designed to harness the automated, rule-based, subject-specific knowledge to act as an Expert Assistant to the forensic analyst, to help simplify much of the analysis process and empower the analyst to make key interpretation decisions. A mixture analysis tool determines the number of contributors to a mixture and help efficiently manage the resulting possible genotypes. This enables the forensic analyst to interpret mixtures and generate accurate statistical calculations.

Manual tools help improve data review
Data analysis efficiencies offered by the automated data review processes have been further enhanced through the introduction of a suite of manual review tools. These developments focus around the plot window, enabling quick and easy access to all aspects of the data, thus helping to simplify the data review process. Colored marker header bars indicate which markers within a sample have failed to meet the user defined thresholds and the Process Quality Value (PQV) Details window details which flags have been fired and how much the observed value differs from the threshold. In addition, expanded labeling options are available to distinguish alleles from artifacts and reviewers can directly access raw data for further troubleshooting. Electronic/peer review of the data is enhanced with the review and manual acceptance of marker and sample level PQVs along with a detailed label edit table display.

For further troubleshooting, reviewers can also directly access raw data. The ability to review and manually accept markers and sample-level PQVs in a detailed label edit table display enhances electronic/peer data review.

A complete, verified system
GeneMapper ID-X Software is an integral component of the Thermo Fisher Scientific complete system of instruments, reagents, software, and services for human-identity applications. It has undergone extensive verification testing to help ensure robust design features, performance, and reproducibility. When you partner with Thermo Fisher, you gain access to one of the most extensive human identification resource networks in the industry. Our dedicated team of experienced forensic professionals—with extensive forensic product development experience—worked closely with the forensic community to develop GeneMapper ID-X Software. The software is part of a system that is supported by on-site technical assistance from skilled Field Applications Support Scientists and Field Service Engineers.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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1 Full License
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3500xL Genetic Analyzer,  3130 Genetic Analyzer,  3130xl Genetic Analyzer,  3730 DNA Analyzer,  3500 Genetic Analyzer,  3100 Genetic Analyzer
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Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit
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Software Installation
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Room Temperature

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This product includes a single GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.5 Full Installation (including database) and license.


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